Who is Sophie?

I am a 20-year-old blogger from Austria. At the moment, I am studying translation and interpretation for English, German and Russian at the University of Innsbruck in Tyrol. I am also a mom to my furry dog baby Oscar, who is a one-year-old golden Labrador.

In 2014, I created this little space on the internet called Sophienderella, where, now and then, I would write about my makeup and skin care favourites.

Over the years, I also started posting more about my own personal life, about food, books, still a lot about beauty and skin care, and everything else lifestyle related. If this sounds like something you are interested in as well, please do subscribe to not miss any of my future posts.

In October 2017, I moved my blog from Blogger to Squarespace, which has been a long time coming. During this process of remodelling, I decided to make a clean cut and start fresh from the beginning.