Starting Over

 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii; September 2017

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii; September 2017

I have been absent for such a long time now: No blogposts, no updates, barely any Social Media. Now, however, I have finally sorted everything out, which means I am officially back. So let me tell you what happened when, and also why I was gone.

Moving my Blog

I feel like this step has been such a long time coming. This year, I finally switched from Blogger to a different platform, which is Squarespace. During the move and the remodelling and redesigning process, I decided to make a clean cut and start fresh from the beginning. Over the past couple of months, I felt a bit lost, to say the least. My blog, the way it was back then, didn´t really feel right and therefore I wasn’t too inspired or motivated to produce content I didn’t particularly enjoy. That might sound understandable. This is why I took some time off to figure out what I actually want to work on and the direction and niche that I want my blog to go in.

This will be a lot more versatile than before. I want to live my life in a way that I am happy and inspired and I want to share this exact happiness, inspiration and experience with you on my blog, rather than forcing myself to do things, just because it fits better with my “Instagram and blog-theme”, or maybe only because everyone is doing it.

If, however, anyone wants to rummage through some memories, previous posts from my old blogspot domain will show up in the navigation bar as "Blogger Archives".

Quitting Law School

In 2015, I started studying law at the University of Innsbruck. I remember quite vividly that ever since I was little, when people used to ask me what I wanted to be when growing up, my answer would be “a lawyer”.  Three semesters into law school, however, I felt physically and emotionally strained. I did not nearly enjoy it as much as I thought I would and the perspective of becoming a lawyer or a person working in law started turning into a nightmare rather than a dream. In January 2017, I finally decided to quit. Law definitely wasn’t the thing I wanted to continue doing. Instead, I signed up for a different bachelor’s programme that is “translation and interpretation” for English, German and Russian; and I am so happy I did. At the moment, I am in my second semester and things are going great. I am really busy studying three languages, reading books, and also doing a lot of theoretical stuff, yet I absolutely love doing it. 

Finding Myself

This year, I spent quite some time travelling. It may sound like such a stereotype, but I really did make a lot of great new experiences, memories and also learned a lot about myself. I definitely needed to feel more comfortable in my own skin and come to terms with certain things, and I feel that travelling quite a bit this year helped me a lot in doing so.

In April, my family and I went to Oman to visit some friends. We stayed for two weeks and I enjoyed every single day of it. We drove through the desert, went snorkelling a lot and spent some days on the boat to watch dolphins and look for great spots in the coastline. It was amazing. So great in fact, that I might have already booked flights for next year as well.

Next, I spent my entire September travelling around Hawaii. I spent a lot of time in Oahu, but also went to visit Kauai, which was breathtakingly beautiful. This trip was honestly life-changing for me. I feel like those four weeks changed me in so many good ways, which I am so grateful for. Now that I am back, I really miss being on the islands. I definitely need to return at some point and hopefully this time for a bit longer.