Getting New Piercings


Over the last couple of months, I got four new piercings. Some of them were not painful at all, while others hurt a lot. Some have healed really nicely, and others, well, I’m still working on it. Down below, I wrote about getting all of my four new pieces of jewellery, how painful it was and how they healed. I didn’t go into detail about piercing aftercare, as I will write a separate post about that topic.

Second Lobe Piercings

It may seem a bit unusual, but I didn’t get those two at the same time. Last December, I got the first one done when I was visiting London with my cousin. It was quite a spontaneous decision, to be honest. Before heading into the piercing shop, I didn’t really think about how exactly I wanted it done, so when the piercer asked me if I wanted it on both ears or on only one, I decided on getting only one. I couple of months later, I regretted that choice. So, this July, I had my other lobe done as well. Both of them didn’t hurt at all and healed pretty well.


Nose Piercing

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the most painful piercing I got. It hurt a lot less than I thought it would, which I was quite happy about. Unlike my lobe piercings, I thought this one through before I went into the shop. I knew I wanted to get a ring, but my piercer said it was better to use a stud at first to heal the piercing. I don’t think this is true. As long as I had the stud in, which was about 3 months, it did not heal whatsoever. I had a red bump around it, it hurt, and sometimes it would be swollen really badly. As soon as I decided to change the stud for a ring, it healed in less than two weeks. I really like my nose ring, but the only thing I am not that happy about is that my piercer did a pretty crappy job in placing the stud when originally piercing it. It is really far down, which doesn’t matter when I’m wearing a ring but with a stud it can look a bit off.


Helix Piercing

This was the most painful thing ever. I had this one done at the exact same time as my second lobe piercing and oh my word did it hurt. Like with my nose, I had a stud put in first and surprise, surprise, it did not heal at all as long as I had it in. Also, just like my nose, red bumps emerged around it and it got swollen, red and hot. Three weeks ago, I finally changed the jewellery and put a hoop in it. It is doing a lot better, but it still hurts and has healed completely. However, since I only had it for a little over three months now, I am not surprised. A lot of people have told me that theirs took over a year to heal completely, so I’ve still got quite a bit to go. I will definitely update you on the matter, though.